Seed cleaning

We have :

– Scalper: Scalping is a rough cleaning operation, usually performed at high capacity, that screens off foreign material larger than the crop seed. The scalped material typically contains stems, leaves, weed seeds, insects,
and trash. Removing this large bulk of waste early will improve cleaning efficiency.

– Aspirator: primarily used as pre-cleaner. Crops pass across air stream so particles that have a greater surface area and more resistance to the air stream are lifted and deposited in a separate location. A aspirator is primarily used to remove dust, fines, and chaff.

– Indent (length separator) : An indent uses centrifugal force and length differences to lift material from a seed mass, making a length-sizing separation. The inside surface of the cylinder has small, closely spaced, semi-spherical indentations. In operation, the seed mass to be separated lies on the bottom of the cylinder. As the cylinder rotates on its axis, the short seeds in the mass are lifted from the mixture by the numerous indents. At some point before reaching the top of the rotation, the seeds drop from the indents and are received by an adjustable trough.

– Flax indent: An indent specially designed for small seeds like flax seeds, canary seeds and etc.

– Grader (rotary screen): A grader is a size separator that classifies seed either by width or thickness. It employs cylindrical screens that are mounted horizontally and have slotted or round perforations. In operation, the seed lot to be separated is fed into one end of the rotating shell where it tumbles and migrates  toward the tail end. Longitudinal movement is caused by a continuous spiral channel and a slight incline of the cylinder. During the transit, seeds or particles smaller than the perforation drop through the screen while larger material is retained and discharged out the tail end.

– Gravity table: A gravity separator classifies material according to density or specific gravity. It’s good to remove screenings same size as good seeds.


We use belt conveyors for unloading/loading peas/lentils/chickpeas to gently handle the grains.


We clean:

– Barley

– Canary seeds

– Canola

– Durum

– Flax

– Mustard

– Lentils

– Oats

– Peas

– Wheat

And more…